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Five Compounds for Treating Diabetes-Related Conditions

Author(s):  Meece Jerry

Issue:  May/Jun 2003 - Diabetes and Wound Care
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Page(s):  170-174

Five Compounds for Treating Diabetes-Related Conditions Page 1
Five Compounds for Treating Diabetes-Related Conditions Page 2
Five Compounds for Treating Diabetes-Related Conditions Page 3
Five Compounds for Treating Diabetes-Related Conditions Page 4
Five Compounds for Treating Diabetes-Related Conditions Page 5

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Abstract:  This article is the second of a three-part series on diabetes from the perspective of the compounding pharmacist/diabetes-educator pharmacist. It addresses two complications of diabetes: diabetic neuropathy (ways to reduce risk factors and pharmacological treatments, including analgesics, oral anticonvulsants and transdermal gels), impotence and diabetic ulcers (glycemic control, other approaches and nifedipine in Pluronic lecithin organogel). Five compounds for treating diabetes are featured (a formula for beginning treatment for pain management, one for treating impotence, one for treating erectile dysfunction, one for treating topical ulcers and one for topical treatment to enhance circulation). A table provides information about drugs used in the featured formulations that can be used by the compounding pharmacist in compounding formulations for treating diabetes-related conditions. The author concludes that making other key members of the diabetes care team aware of his or her capabilities can result in a very successful practice for the compounding pharmacist and greatly improve quality of life for diabetes patients.

Related Keywords: Alprostadil (prostaglandin E1, PGE1), for diabetes-related conditions, Amitriptyline, for diabetes-related conditions, Beta 1, 3 glucan, for diabetes-related conditions, Carbamazepine, for diabetes-related conditions, Circulation, enhancement of, in diabetes, Diabetes-related conditions, drugs for treatment of, Diabetic neuropathy, treatment of, Diabetic ulcers, treatment of, Erectile dysfunction, diabetes-related, treatment of, Gabapentin, for diabetes-related conditions, Imipramine, for diabetes-related conditions, Impotence, diabetes-related, treatment of, Ketamine, for diabetes-related conditions, Ketoprofen, for diabetes-related conditions, Mexiletine, for diabetes-related conditions, Misoprostol, for diabetes-related conditions, Nifedipine in PLO gel, for diabetes-related ulcers, Neuropathy, diabetic, treatment of, Pain management, diabetes-related, treatment of, Papaverine HCl, for diabetes-related conditions, Pentoxifylline, for diabetes-related conditions, Phentolamine mesylate, for diabetes-related conditions, Phenytoin, for diabetes-related conditions, Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1, alprostadil), for diabetes-related conditions, Sildenafil, for diabetes-related conditions, Ulcers, diabetes-related, treatment of

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