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Author(s):  Prince Shelly J

Issue:  Jul/Aug 1997 - Compounding for Animals
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Page(s):  267

Calculations Page 1

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Abstract:  The reader is shown how to perform calculations for three problems. The first involves a formulation for an oral powder and shows how to prepare the prescription using a Class A torsion balance with a minimum weighable quantity of 120 mg, requiring use of an aliquot to weight out two of the ingredients. The second involves an oral suspension containing Neurontin 60 mg/5 mL, to be compounded from 100-mg capsules, and shows how to perform calculations to allow preparation of this suspension. The third involves a formulation for Hydrophilic Ointment USP and shows how to calculate the quantity of a solution needed to prepare 60 g of this ointment.

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