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Accuracy in Prescriptions Compounded by Pharmacy Students

Author(s):  Shrewsbury Robert P, Deloatch Kimberly H

Issue:  Mar/Apr 1998 - Pain Management
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Page(s):  139-142

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Abstract:  Most compounded prescriptions are not analyzed to determine the accuracy of the employed instruments and procedures. The assumption is that the compounded prescription will be ± 5% the labeled claim. Two classes of School of Pharmacy students who received repeated instruction and supervision on proper compounding techniques and procedures were assessed to determine their accuracy of compounding a diphenhydramine hydrochloride prescription. After two attempts, only 62% to 68% of the students could compound the prescription within ± 5% the labeled claim; but 84% to 96% could attain an accuracy of ± 10%. The results suggest that an accuracy of ± 10% labeled claim is the least variation a pharmacist can expect when extemporaneously compounding prescriptions.

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