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Evaluating Transdermals Medication Froms for Veterinary Patients, Part 2

Author(s):  Davidson Gigi S

Issue:  May/Jun 2001 - The Business of Compounding
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Abstract:  In this article, the author provides information regarding drugs and drug classes (cyclophyosphamide, chloramphenicol and potassium salts) that she believes should never be administered transdermally. She concludes that it is necessary to consider the risk of causing toxicity via transdermal administration. The drugs listed in this article represent types of potentially dangerous drugs that may be suggested for topical application. To produce the most positive veterinary therapeutic outcomes, the pharmacist and veterinarian must constantly reevaluate the benefit-risk ratio for both the patient and caregiver before drugs are administered transdermally.

Related Keywords: Digoxin, veterinary use , Carboplatin, veterinary use, Cisplatin, veterinary use, Chloramphenicol, veterinary use, Cyclophosphamide, veterinary use, Potassium salts, veterinary use, Transdermal medications, hazards of, veterinary use, Transdermal medications, veterinary use

Related Categories: VETERINARY

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