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Estrogen Use in Dogs: Indications and Complications

Author(s):  Davidson Gigi S

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2000 - Compounding for Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Abstract:  Administration of estrogen to animals can profoundly benefit animal health and well-being. Estrogen is frequently used in veterinary practice to treat perianal gland adenomas, prostatic hyperplasia, urinary incontinence, pseudopregnancy and prolonged estrus and for preventing conception after mismating. The author describes use of diethylstilbestrol to treat urinary incontinence in dogs and discusses treatment and estrogen toxicity and its treatment. A table with information pertaining to medical therapy for urinary incontinence in dogs and cats is provided. The author concludes pharmacists can carefully screen and compound safe doses of estrogen for veterinary patients and educate their human patients about the dangers of estrogen overdose in dogs.

Related Keywords: canine, DES, diethylstilbestrol, dogs, estrogen replacement for dogs, estrogen toxicity, pets, veterinary

Related Categories: HRT, VETERINARY

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