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Drug Stability and Compatibility: Special Considerations for Home Health Care

Author(s):  Lima Hetty A

Issue:  Sep/Oct 1997 - Home Health Care
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Abstract:  The issue of determining and assigning extended drug-stability dating to compounded admixtures used in home care still continues to be problematic for many pharmacists. This article covers definitions of relevant terms, resources, ways drug containers affect stability, drug concentration issues, specific containers for small-volume parenterals, considerations for large-volume parenterals, special safety issues with total nutrient admixture solutions and product packaging and storage. Tables provide information regarding a sample drug stability/compatibility matrix and manufacturers of disposable elastomeric infusion devices. The author concludes that pharmacists must remember to always use sound professional judgment when determining compounded product expiration dates; and, if necessary, make reasonable extrapolations specific to an exact solution, concentration and container type that will be used.

Related Keywords: Trissels, Drugs, Parenteral, Admixtures, King, Elastomeric


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