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The Ten Basic Steps in Filling a Prescription: Then and Now

Author(s):  Stiles M Lou, Todd Judy, Rankin Melody, Settle Holly, Hudson James

Issue:  Jan/Feb 1997 - Hospice Care
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Abstract:  In this article, the authors contrast the basic steps involved in filling a prescription in the past with those involved in filling a prescription now. In the section on contemporary practice, the authors pose an example situation involving a prescription received for intravenous morphine sulfate 20 mg/hour, 5 mg every 15 minutes as needed for breakthrough pain, and take the reader through the basic steps in filling this order (initial assessment, interdisciplinary care plan conference, patient assessment, review of assessment and revision of patient care plan, documentation, formulating the order, delivering the prescription and educating the patient, the return visit, tracking, issues and the basic steps that remain constant).

Related Keywords: Assessment, Documentation, Formulation, Pca, Prescription


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