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Author(s):  Prince Shelly J

Issue:  Jul/Aug 2003 - After the Women's Health Initiative Trial
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Abstract:  Four problems are provided. The first involves a cancer patient who has been taking propoxyphene napsylate/acetaminophen tablets to control pain. The reader is taken through the steps necessary to determine the recommended dose and dosage regimen of immediate-release morphine sulfate for the patient, the dose of MS Contin sustained-release tablets when the pain is controlled by taking one 30-mg tablet every 4 hours, the dosage regimen for transdermal fentanyl when this regimen is insufficient and the daily dose of fentanyl that the patient receives from a transdermal patch. The second problem involves a calculation of the amount of oxycodone equivalent to a patient’s intake of Cheracol Cough Syrup. The third problem involves calculation of the quantity of a formula for hydromorphone hydrochloride injection that should be prepared for patient-controlled analgesia and determination of the quantity of each ingredient needed to prepare the amount of solution for 24 hours. The fourth problem involves calculation of the quantity of syrups necessary, and the final volume of the formulation, of a pediatric “sedative cocktail” and calculation of the amounts of each drug the child would receive if a parent mistakenly gives only 1 teaspoonful of the mixture to the patient.

Related Keywords: Fentanyl, transdermal patch, calculation of for cancer pain, Hydromorphone hydrochloride injection, calculation of , Morphine sulfate, immediate-release tablets, in patient-controlled analgesia, calculation of, MS Contin, sustained-release tablets, calculation of for cancer pain, Patient-controlled analgesia, Sedation, pediatric, "sedative cocktail," calculation of

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