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The Role of the Pharmacist in Diabetes Care

Author(s):  Meece Jerry

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2003 - After the Women's Health Initiative Trial
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Abstract:  The author suggests that a window of opportunity exists for pharmacists willing to undergo the changes and training needed to implement a disease-state-management program. In particular, he provides information as to the evidence of pharmacist-care savings and discusses establishment of a disease-state-management program and requirements for setting up such a program (a business plan, advanced training, mental changes, physical changes, staff, training, credentials and networking with other healthcare providers). He provides a sidebar of sample studies showing association of pharmacist involvement with good outcomes for diabetes patients. The author concludes that the financial rewards and professional satisfaction are tremendous for pharmacists who develop a diabetes program.

Related Keywords: Diabetes, role of pharmacist in providing care, Diabetes management program, how to establish

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