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Women's Oral Health: Is There a Hormonal Link?

Author(s):  Preckshot John

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2004 - Androgen Deficiency in Women
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Abstract:  Although the hormonal link to women’s oral health is rarely mentioned, estrogen and progesterone levels have a significant impact. This article discusses oral health as it relates to hormonal changes and attempts to support compounding pharmacists in counseling patients evaluating the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy by discussing changes involving the teeth, gums and mucosal surfaces during puberty, menses, pregnancy and menopause. It also attempts to guide dental professionals presented with a patient’s dental health changes reflecting hormonal changes. The author concludes that research supports a direct link between a woman’s changing hormonal status and her changing oral health and that, though this relationship should be noted especially during pregnancy, it is even more important to consider after menopause. He emphasizes that protecting and maintaining a woman’s oral health should be a major consideration since one third of her remaining life could occur after her last menses.

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