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Prevention Is the Best Medicine: Don J. Bottoni, RPh, FACA, FIACP

Author(s):  Bottoni Don J

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2004 - Androgen Deficiency in Women
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Abstract:  Don Bottoni, RPh, FACA, FIACP, is a member of the pharmacy staff of Abrams Royal Pharmacy in Dallas, Texas, one of the largest family-owned independent compounding pharmacies in the United States. In addition to compounded preparations and retail prescriptions, the pharmacy offers a carefully selected array of quality nutritional supplements. Bottoni specializes in the use of neutraceuticals and counsels patients about the benefits of a diet defined according to blood type. In this article, he describes the effective use of nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes that improve health and well-being. A table of frequently prescribed food-based supplements and a form for initial patient consultations are also included. The author concludes that nutrition will have a more prominent role in maintaining and restoring good health in the future, as genetic profiles become the basis for tailoring effective treatments. In addition to reducing the incidence of adverse reactions, matching medicines to the patient’s disease and genetic composition will improve the outcome of treatment. Individual enzymatic profiles will provide information to physicians as to specific nutrients needed by patients. Future possibilities suggest that compounding pharmacists will be able to make even greater contributions to patients’ good health.

Related Keywords: Blood type, supplements according to, Bottoni, Don J., RPh, FACA, FIACP, Diet, role in good health, Supplements, nutritional, role in good health


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