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Androgen Deficiency in Women: Understanding the Science, Controversy and Art of Treating Our Patients - Part 2

Author(s):  Cutter Christopher B

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2004 - Overview of USP Chapter <797>
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Abstract:  This article and Part 1 discuss the normal endocrinology of androgens in women during their reproductive and postmenopausal years. The author covers representative literature on the therapeutic uses of androgens and discusses options that compounding pharmacists have to offer. Part 2 specifically covers dehydroepiandrosterone replacement therapy and considerations in treating the hypoandrogenic woman. The author concludes that many women benefit from additional testosterone and/or dehydroepiandrosterone in terms of moods, libido, feelings of well-being, stronger bones and better muscle tone and that side effects can be eliminated or minimized by careful control of dosage and monitoring of serum levels. He regrets the setback to hormone replacement therapy for women that was caused by the results of the Heart and Estrogen/Progestin Replacement Study, mentioning that only 23 additional cases of heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer occurred in 10,000 women and that worse results were achieved with the addition of a synthetic progestin. He emphasizes that a body of literature has shown the bioidentical hormones to be safe and effective in women and suggests that using testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone is the next step in the evolving use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women.

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