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Basics of Compounding for Hair Care--Part I: Medicated Shampoos

Author(s):  Fonseca Simonne C

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2005 - Health and Wellness
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Abstract:  There are several ways to compound shampoos. In many instances, pharmacists choose to use a commercially available shampoo as a starter base and then incorporate the active ingredients. To obtain a more elegant and correct pharmaceutical product at a better cost, however, it is preferable to start by compounding a shampoo base, which should be neutral and easy to prepare. A formulation is provided for such a base; the base can be prepared ahead of time and kept as part of the pharmacy stock. Ingredients active for various indications include ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, and climbazol.

Related Keywords: Simonne Fonseca, RPh, hair care, scalp care, skin care, infections, shampoo base formulation, plant extracts


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