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Patient Satisfaction with Pharmacist Intervention and Consultation in Hormone Replacement Therapy: An Update

Author(s):  Hu Fei-Shu, Reed-Kane Dana, Draugalis JoLaine R

Issue:  May/Jun 2006 - Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Note:  Electronic version includes supplemental material.

Abstract:  The purpose of this study was to assess whether the satisfaction of women who took part in the pharmacist-administered bioidentical hormone replacement therapy consultation service at an urban compounding pharmacy has improved since implementation of a follow-up call program. A questionnaire was mailed to 200 randomly selected women who completed hormone replacement therapy consultation and received all three follow-up calls from the pharmacy during the period from July 22, 2003, to April 22, 2004. The returned surveys were tabulated and analyzed, and independent t-tests were used to compare data collected in 2001 with that collected in 2004 on questionnaire items of interest. Of the 200 surveys sent out to patients, 125 were returned completed (a response rate of 62.5%). Over 50% of the respondents heard about the hormone replacement therapy program through referral from their healthcare provider, and 34.4% from a friend or a relative. A large majority (95.9%) of the respondents either agreed or strongly agr

Related Keywords: Fei-Shu Hu, PharmD, Dana Reed-Kane, PharmD, FIACP, FACA, FCP, NFPPhC, JoLaine R. Draugalis, PhD, RPh, FAPhA, FASHP, women, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, HRT, BHRT, pharmacist consultation, patient satisfaction


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