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Medication Therapy Management Implementation, Part 2: Study Methodologies, Barriers, and Recommendations to Overcome Barriers

Author(s):  Fyke Jeremy P, Yale Robert N, Corbett Corinne, Litera Natalie

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2008 - Veterinary Compounding
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Abstract:  As a required service of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, medication therapy management services must be offered by all Part D prescription drug-plan sponsors in order to improve overall knowledge of medication usage for targeted patients. Those targeted patients include patients who have multiple chronic diseases, have been prescribed several covered Part D medications, and are paying at least $4,000 in medication each year. This article presents the methodology used by the authors to conduct a study of Indiana pharmacists to determine pharmacists’ attitudes and practices surrounding medication therapy management services. This article also discusses some of the barriers and recommendations to overcome such barriers encountered by Indiana pharmacists.

Related Keywords: Jeremy P. Fyke, MA, Robert N. Yale, MA, Corinne Colbett, BA, Natalie Litera, BA, medication therapy management, pharmacy training, Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, pharmacy management, barriers, patient education


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