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Branding: Give Your Small Business a Big Image

Author(s):  Storey Patricia L

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2008 - Arthritis and Immunological Diseases
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Abstract:  Branding is a common practice of adding a distinctive mark so that one’s property can be easily recognized. Many companies have made their brand names synonymous with a product, i.e., Kleenex for tissues, Q-tip for cotton swab, iPod for MP3 player, and Tylenol for acetaminophen. Compounding pharmacists can implement the branding technique to effectively identify their business, products, and services by “burning” their distinct characteristics into the minds of their customers. This article discusses some of the key elements in establishing a pharmacy’s unique identity.

Related Keywords: Patricia L. Storey, RPh, FACA, branding, marketing, advertising, customer service

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