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Skin Disorders in Horses; Case Report: Tripelennamine in the Treatment of Skin Disorders in Horses

Author(s):  Williams LaVonn A, Fokken Dawn

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2009 - Veterinary Compounding
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Abstract:  Many skin disorders in horses share the same appearance—hair loss of various degrees, itchiness, lesions that may or may not be painful to the touch, oozing sores, or skin that is reddened, crusty, scaly, flaky, thickened or swollen—making diagnosis sometimes diffi cult. A horse owner’s documentation of a horse’s medical history, the history of the skin disorder, and the horse’s environment assists veterinarians and compounding pharmacists in their diagnosis and treatment. This article discusses some of the common skin problems that affect horses, takes a look at causes, and provides a case report of the treatment of a veterinary patient suffering from one of these common skin disorders.

Related Keywords: LaVonn A. Williams, Dawn Fokken, BSPharm, horses, skin disorders, hair loss, itching, skin ulcers, prevention, skin care, case report, tripelennamine, formulations, diphenhydramine, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory drugs, dexamethasone, allergy


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