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Compounding Solutions for Exotic and Nondomesticated Fauna in Australia: An Investigative Study

Author(s):  Haywood Alison, Bolitho Richard, Gusti Kane, Yim Crystal, Testa Chris, Hattingh Laetitia

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2009 - Veterinary Compounding
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Abstract:  Veterinarians face many challenges during routine administration of medication to animals. This study investigated the nature of the problems that veterinarians encounter in practice and assessed the potential benefit of pharmaceutical compounding interventions for exotic and nondomesticated fauna. The research was conducted at three large wildlife theme parks on the Gold Coast, Australia, using a multi-method design of qualitative techniques including semi-structured interviews accompanied by field note observations. Themes identified through the data analysis related to: the enthusiasm of veterinarians towards pharmaceutical compounding; medicated foods commonly being employed in practice; a lack of suitable commercially available medications; time constraint problems and incompatibilities between feeding and dosing intervals. A decisive factor identified in the uptake of compounding in veterinary care was the net cost of the compounding procedure when compared to the figurative “value” of the animal. In co

Related Keywords: dosage forms, Alison Haywood, BPharm, PhD, Richard Bolitho, BPharmaceutSc, MPharm, Kane Gusti, BPharmaceutSc, MPharm, Crystal Yim, BPharmaceutSc, MPharm, Chris Testa, BPharm, BBus, Laetitia Hattingh, BPharm, MPharm, GCApplLaw, veterinary pharmacy, administering medications, wild animals, drug delivery systems, exotic species, wildlife, route of administration


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