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Using Serum Hormone Analysis to Develop Hormone Replacement Therapy Regimens - Part 2

Author(s):  Ford Gina, Garcia Lea

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2001 - Compounding for Pediatric Patients
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Abstract:  Serum analysis of hormone levels supplies a variety of data for use in planning therapy programs and in monitoring hormone levels after therapy has been initiated. In this article, the authors provide an overview of the use of serum hormone analysis in menopause management. Specifically, they focus on ranges of hormone replacement therapy for estrogen, progesterone, androgens and testosterone, sex hormone-binding globulin and cholesterol. They conclude that using a combination of symptoms and serum hormone levels enables healthcare providers to tailor hormone replacement therapy to meet the individual patient’s needs.

Related Keywords: androgens, cholesterol, estradiol, estriol, estrogen replacement, estrone, hormone analysis, hormone deficiency, hormone replacement, HRT, progesterone, serum hormone , serum hormone analysis, sex hormone-binding globulin, testosterone

Related Categories: HRT

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