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I See Colors: Using Vital Dyes in Diagnosing Ophthalmic Disease

Author(s):  McElhiney Linda F

Issue:  May/Jun 2012 - Volume 16, Number 3
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Abstract:  Vital dyes have been used for over a hundred years to assist ophthalmic practitioners in diagnosing their patients’ problems. Patients don’t always tolerate the commercial products, usually due to the preservatives, and may need a compounded preparation. Some dyes are not commercially available, such as the brilliant blue G, and compounders who specialize in high-risk compounded sterile preparations are needed to meet these needs of the ophthalmologists. This article discusses some of these staining agents, including their properties.

Related Keywords: Linda F. McElhiney, PharmD, RPh, FIACP, FASHP, FACA, vital dyes, ophthalmic stains, ocular pathology, eye disorders, formulations, cornea lesions, corneal abrasions, keratitis, preservatives, compounded sterile preparations, microbial contamination, ophthalmic solutions, fluorescein, rose bengal, dry eye, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, lissamine green B, brilliant blue G, intravitreal administration


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