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Quality Control: Glassware Washers: Cleaning Glassware and Implements Used in Compounding, Part 1

Author(s):  Zatarski Monica, Nolan Odette, Corbetti Reto

Issue:  Jul/Aug 2012 - Volume 16, Number 4
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Abstract:  Clean, residue-free glassware and compounding implements are key to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of customized preparations. Although they can be a major investment, glassware washers, which are available in both under-the-counter and freestanding models, can clean compounding tools more thoroughly than commercial or residential dishwashers can, and they offer the advantages of automatic purified-water rinsing and drying cycles. The preselected programmed cycles of a glassware washer complete in much less time than that required to wash, rinse, and dry glassware by hand or dishwasher, and using a glassware washer enables compounding technicians to focus on preparing formulations instead of performing purified-water rinses. Despite those benefits, installing a glassware washer may not be the best choice for every pharmacy. In this first of a two-part series, we address the value added by using a glassware washer in a compounding laboratory and suggest factors that are important to consider before purchasing that equipment. A worksheet that can be used to determine whether a glassware washer would be a cost-effective investment is also provided.

Related Keywords: Monica Zatarski, PharmD, Odette Nolan, Reto Corbetti, glassware cleaning equipment, glassware washing equipment, glassware washers, compounded sterile products, water, Dishwasher


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