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Palliative Care and Compounding for Household Pets

Author(s):  Gaskins Jessica L

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2012 - Volume 16, Number 6
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Abstract:  Palliative care is not a term solely used for humans when discussing health care; the term is also used when discussing veterinary patients. Pets are considered part of the family by pet owners, and they have a special relationship that only another pet owner can fully understand. This article discusses some of the healthcare problems that affect pets (and their owners), statistics on the most commonly used medications for veterinary patients, quality of life, and discussions on the veterinary pharmacist-owner-palliative pet relationship and how compounding pharmacists can prepare patient-specific medications.

Related Keywords: Jessica L. Gaskins, PharmD, BS, palliative care, animals, household pets, symptom management, end of life care, terminal disease, pain relief, pain control, analgesia, analgesic, quality of life measurement, nutrition


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