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Rice Bran Oil: Preparation and Evaluation of Novel Liquisolid and Semisolid Formulations

Author(s):  Ammar Hussein O, Al-Okbi Sahar Y, Mostafa Dina M, Helal Amr M

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2012 - Volume 16, Number 6
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Abstract:  Rice bran oil and its bioactive constituents have been reported to possess different health benefit effects. Rice bran oil-containing pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical formulae are dispensed and characterized to elucidate the impact of their properties on clinical applications. Liquisolid and semisolid formulations employing rice bran oil were dispensed and characterized. Semisolid formulae were characterized for organoleptic properties, rheological behavior, and physical stability, at zero time and after three months storage, at 30°C and 40°C. Patch test of transdermal emollient creams and sunscreen was conducted in addition to evaluation of sensory attributes of emollient cream and sunscreen. Liquisolid formulations revealed flow and bulk density figures close to those reported as optimum acceptable values for powders. Semisolid formulations revealed adequate properties after three months of storage compared with zero time. Patch test showed safety of transdermal and emollient creams and sunscreen. Sensory evaluation of cosmetics showed satisfactory results. Results indicate the high potential of the formulated rice bran oil products regarding physical properties, stability, and acceptance by consumers. The formulae are simple to dispense, cost effective, and highly accepted by consumers. These facts pave the way for future clinical trials involving these products.

Related Keywords: Hussein O. Ammar, PhD, Sahar Y. Al-Okbi, PhD, Dina M. Mostafa, PhD, Amr M, Helal, MD, rice bran oil, excipient, emollient, liquisolid formulations, semisolid formulations, physical properties, stability, transdermal preparations, transdermal cream, sunscreen, skin testing, patch tests


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