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Summary of Educational Offerings Provided by Compounding Support Companies in 2019

Author(s):  Stevens J Tyler

Issue:  May/Jun 2019 - Volume 23, Number 3
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Note:  Electronic version includes errata or revisions.

Abstract:  Compounding pharmacists and technicians are experiencing an increased need for quality continuing pharmacy education. Areas pertaining to changing federal and state laws and regulations, along with the updates in drug and disease state knowledge, are all viable continuing pharmacy education opportunities. In addition to the areas listed above, today’s pharmacists are serving in a more clinical role, which increases the amount of individualized patient care that is provided. To meet these increased needs, compounding pharmacists rely on at least six different types of continuing pharmacy education providers: 1) academia, 2) educational companies, 3) healthcare networks, 4) associations (local, state, national), 5) publishers/Government, and 6) other. In 2017, 18% of all continuing pharmacy education activities were provided by educational companies. This 18% includes pharmaceutical manufactures of which many serve as compounding support companies. Prescribers are turning more and more to compounding pharmacists to create personalized medicines for those patients who are not served by mass-produced drugs. Pharmacists should take advantage of continuing pharmacy education offerings provided by compounding support companies to remain competent with patient care regarding pharmaceutical compounding. This article serves as a review to explore what topics and types of continuing pharmacy education are offered by industry-leading compounding support companies.

Related Keywords: J. Tyler Stevens, PharmD, continuing pharmacy education, Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, compounding support companies, e-learning, online education


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