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The Basics of Compounding: Compounding Special Capsules

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Jul/Aug 1999 - Compounding Parenteral Products
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Abstract:  The capsule is one of the most versatile of all dosage forms. In this article, the author discusses historical considerations, contemporary use, applications/uses, preparation of capsules (filling liquids in hard-gelatin capsules, filling capsules with a semisolid mass, filling solids in hard-gelatin capsules, preparing altered-release capsules, preparing coated capsules, beaker-flask coating, dipping and spraying and cleaning and packaging extemporaneously compounded capsules), quality control and stability. Tables provide information regarding approximate capacities of capsules in milliliters and excipients that can be used as matrices for semisolid capsules. Two sample formulas are also provided (Capsules With Liquid Fill, and Capsules With Semisolid Fill).

Related Keywords: altered-release, beaker-flask coating, capsule, coated capsules, dipping, hard-gelatin capsules, liquids, pipe, powders, rectal , sealing capsules, semisolid pour, semisolids, soft-gelatin capsules, solids, spraying, vaginal

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