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Cocamidopropyl Betaine Surfactant 0.075% Solution in Physiological Serum for Hygiene Process of COVID-19 Intubated Patients

Author(s):  Nogales Luis Marcos, Jiménez Labaig Luis, Abarca Lachén Edgar, Gil Melcón María, López-Nieves Marisol

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2020 - Volume 24, Number 5
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Abstract:  When using ventilators in the management of the coronavirus disease 2019 patient, dense and abundant mucous secretions are formed, obstructing the endotracheal tube and making its aspiration difficult. This situation is worsened if in order to minimize the risk of infection of the medical personnel, the humidifier is disconnected. This circumstance forces the tube to be removed, cleaned, or changed, increasing the workload of the intensive care unit staff. Other therapies tested until now, like mesna, acetylcysteine, or hypertonic saline solution, are valid alternatives, although they have not shown great efficacy for this specific procedure in the past. The sanitary emergency forced the collaboration between a pharmacist and an otorhinolaryngologist to develop the cocamidopropyl betaine surfactant formula, after several tests with different concentrations of the surfactant. The objective of this compounding formula was to resolve a mechanical problem and avoid reintubation due to obstruction of the ventilator tube. The cocamidopropyl betaine surfactant solution 0.075% in saline 0.9% (physiological serum) solution demonstrated to be a well-tolerated formula, using inexpensive materials, was simple to prepare, and was easy to use in clinical practice.

Related Keywords: Luis Marcos Nogales, MPharm, Luis Jiménez Labaig, Edgar Abarca Lachén, María Gil Melcón, ORL, CCC, Marisol López-Nieves, RPh, MPH, FACA, FACVP, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19, ventilator, mucous secretions, endotracheal tube, cleaning, cocamidopropyl betaine, surfactant, formulation, compounded sterile preparation, hospital pharmacy, intensive care unit, ICU, health emergency


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