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Investigation of Filler Effects on the Compounding of Freeze-dried Orodispersible Tablets Containing Annona muricata Extract

Author(s):  Azman Syahiera Ezzah Noor, Abd Razak Fashli Syafiq, Kamal Wan Hamirul Bahrin Wan, Zheng Gan Kok, Ming Long Chiau, Uddin ABM Helal, Sarker Zaidul Islam, Bin Liew Kai

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2020 - Volume 24, Number 6
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Abstract:  Orally disintegrating tablets are a solid dosage form that will disintegrate rapidly within 3 minutes upon contact with saliva. Fillers or diluents are excipients that are used to make up the volume of orally disintegrating tablets, and some might act as a disintegrant or binder that will affect the physical properties of orally disintegrating tablets. The objective of this study was to formulate and evaluate physical properties of orally disintegrating tablets containing Annona muricata leaves extract by a freeze-drying method using different fillers at different concentrations. In this study, fifteen formulations of orally disintegrating tablets were prepared by a freeze-drying method with different fillers such as starch, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, StarLac, and CombiLac at 5%, 10%, and 15%. The orally disintegrating tablets were evaluated for hardness, thickness, weight variation, friability, and disintegration time test. The optimum formulation was chosen and incorporated with Annona muricata leaves extract. The results obtained in this work indicated that Formulation 3, with 15% starch, was the most optimum formulation due to the shortest disintegration time (21.08 seconds ± 4.24 seconds), and all the physical tests were within the acceptable range. The orally disintegrating tablets containing Annona muricata leaves extract possessed antioxidant activity and stable at least for 3 months under 60°C and 75% relative humidity.

Related Keywords: Syahiera Ezzah Noor Azman, BPharm (Hons), Fashli Syafiq Abd Razak, BPharm (Hons), M (Polymer Engineering), Wan Hamirul Bahrin Wan Kamal, BPharm (Hons), Gan Kok Zheng, BPharm (Hons), Long Chiau Ming, BPharm (Hons), M (Clinical), PhD, A.B.M. Helal Uddin, PhD (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), Zaidul Islam Sarker, PhD, Liew Kai Bin, BPharm (Hons), MSc, PhD, Annona muricata, antioxidant, orally disintegrating tablets, orodispersible tablets, freeze-drying, excipients, disintegrant, binder, disintegrating agent, fillers, starch, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, StarLac, CombiLac, hardness, thickness, friability, disintegration time, stability


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