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Author Search Results for "Alexander Kenneth S"
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Comparing Suppository Mold Variability Which Can Lead to Dosage Errors for Suppositories Prepared with the Same or Different Molds
Alexander Kenneth S
, Baki Gabriella, Hart Christine, Hejduk Courtney, Chillas Stephanie
Nov/Dec 2013
Pg. 512-514

A New Proposal: Calculating Density Factors for Drugs Using Cocoa Butter as the Standard
Walker Heather
, Sridhar Vishak, Alexander Kenneth S
Nov/Dec 2011
Pg. 510-514

Proteins Used as Sweeteners
Li Xiaojian
, Alexander Kenneth S
Nov/Dec 2007
Pg. 476-481

Stability of an Extemporaneously Compounded Propylthiouracil Suspension
Alexander Kenneth S
, Mitra Pallabi
Jan/Feb 2005
Pg. 82-86

Extemporaneous Formulation and Stability Testing of Mexiletine HCl Solution
Alexander Kenneth S
, Kaushik Sarita
Mar/Apr 2004
Pg. 147-152

Formulation and Accelerated Stability Studies for an Extemporaneous Suspension of Amiodarone Hydrochloride
Alexander Kenneth S
, Thyangarajapuram N
Sep/Oct 2003
Pg. 389-393

Formulation Development and Stability Testing of Extemporaneous Suspension Prepared From Dapsone Tablets
Kaila Nitin
, El-Ries Mohamed, Riga A, Alexander Kenneth S, Dollimore D
May/Jun 2003
Pg. 233-239

Analysis of Extemporaneous Alprostadil Formulations
Sarver Jeffrey G
, Peng Ning, Lerdkanchanaporn Supaporn, Oravecz-Wilson Katherine, Alexander Kenneth S, Erhardt Paul W
Mar/Apr 1999
Pg. 148-155

Stability of Magnesium Sulfate in 0.9% Sodium Chloride and Lactated Ringers Solutions
Sarver Jeffrey G
, Pryka Randy, Alexander Kenneth S, Weinstein Louis, Erhardt Paul W
Sep/Oct 1998
Pg. 385-388

Paper-Folding Techniques for Compounded, Individualized Powder Dosage Forms
Alexander Kenneth S
, Li Chongua
Sep/Oct 1997
Pg. 340-342

The Formulation Development and Stability of Spironolactone Suspension
Alexander Kenneth S
, Vangala Shyam Sundar KS, White Donald B, Dollimore David
May/Jun 1997
Pg. 195-199

The Formulation Development and Stability of Metronidazole Suspension
Alexander Kenneth S
, Vangala Shyam Sundar KS, Dollimore David
May/Jun 1997
Pg. 200-205

Stability of Allopurinol Suspension Compounded from Tablets
Alexander Kenneth S
, Davar Nipun, Parker Gordon A
Mar/Apr 1997
Pg. 128-131

Stability of an Extemporaneously Formulated Levothyroxine Sodium Syrup Compounded from Commercial Tablets
Alexander Kenneth S
, Kothapalli Madhu R, Dollimor David
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 60-63

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