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"Sore Nipples in Breastfeeding Mothers: Causes and Treatments"

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Article Related to Sore Nipples in Breastfeeding Mothers: Causes and Treatments
Title (Click for Abstract / Details) Author Issue Page View/Buy
Sore Nipples in Breastfeeding Mothers: Causes and Treatments Albright Lisa M Nov/Dec 2003 426-435 View Sample
All-Purpose Nipple Ointment: A Compounding Solution to Common Problems with Breastfeeding Williams KaCee D Nov/Dec 2010 484-486 Buy
Domperidone in Lactation: Use as a Galactagogue Albright Lisa M Sep/Oct 2004 329-335 Buy
Literature Review: The Dual Role of Domperidone in Gastroparesis and Lactation Phan Ha, DeReese Annie, Day A J, Carvalho Maria May/Jun 2014 203-207 Buy
Sterile Vehicle for Mastitis Preparation for Animals Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 1997 263 Buy
Mupirocin 1%, Betamethasone 0.05%, and Miconazole 2% Nipple Ointment Albright Lisa M Nov/Dec 2003 431 Buy
Mupirocin 0.5%, Betamethasone 0.025%, Nystatin 25,000-U/g and Clotrimazole 0.25% Nipple Ointment Albright Lisa M Nov/Dec 2003 431 Buy
Mupirocin 0.5%, Betamethasone 0.025%, Nystatin 25,000-U/g and Clotrimazole 2.5% Nipple Ointment Albright Lisa M Nov/Dec 2003 431 Buy
Domperidone 5 mg/mL in Oral Mix Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2019 316 Buy
Colds and Cough Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2012 480-483 Buy
Calculations Stockton Shelly J Jul/Aug 2011 332 Buy
Bilateral Areolar Hyperpigmentation Following Transdermal Administration of Compounded Hormone Replacement Therapy Griffee Chris, Delano Amy Mar/Apr 2012 110-114 Buy
Fluconazole 2-mg/mL Injection Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2012 421 Buy
Compatibility of Micafungin Injection with Other Drugs During Simulated Y-Site Co-administration Trusley Craig, Kupiec Thomas C, Trissel Lawrence A May/Jun 2006 230-233 Buy
Itraconazole 40-mg/mL Oral Liquid Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2006 301 Buy
Fluconazole 1-mg/mL Liquid for Nasogastric Tube Administration Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2006 383 Buy
Miconazole 2% Oral Gel Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2007 512 Buy
Hospice and Compounding Pharmacy: Once Inseperable Williams LaVonn A Jan/Feb 2008 28-37 Buy
Riley Butt Cream Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2009 339 Buy
Clotrimazole 1% Oral Adhesive Paste Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2010 153 Buy
Issues and Opportunities: Compounding for Dentistry Marek Cindy L Jan/Feb 1999 4 Buy
Ketoconazole 20-mg/mL in SyrSpend SF pH4 Oral Suspension Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2017 233 Buy
Miconazole 10% in Recura Topical Cream Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2018 53 Buy
Compounding to Prevent and Treat Dysbiosis of the Human Vaginal Microbiome Riepl Mike Nov/Dec 2018 456-465 Buy