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Minimizing the Risk of Teratogenic Substance Exposure for Pregnant Compounding Pharmacists

Author(s):  Paoletti James E, Benavides Tomas J

Issue:  Nov/Dec 1998 - Environmental Compounds
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Abstract:  The handling of chemicals in the compounding lab by a pregnant woman presents a unique problem. Proper mask, gown and gloves should be worn any time a pregnant woman enters the lab or cleanroom. Chemical agents known or thought to possibly cause fetal damage must be completely avoided by pregnant lab personnel. The authors include a list of known or suspected teratogenic substances (not all inclusive).

Related Keywords: Antineoplastics, Anticonvulsants, Antitussives, Nsaids, Analgesics, Coagulants, Anticoagulants, Diuretics, Angiotensin, Antihypertensives, Antilipemic, Antisecretory, Gallsone, Sympathomimetics, Sympatholytics, Antidirrheals, Toxins, Hallucinogens

Related Categories: CANCER AND AIDS, SUPPORT

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