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Glucosamine Sulfate: A Review of Efficacy for the Pharmacy Professional

Author(s):  Pournadeali Kasra

Issue:  Nov/Dec 1999 - Compounding for Arthritis Patients
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Abstract:  In this article, the author reviews the evidence on clinical applications of glucosamine sulfate and provides referral resources for well-trained complementary- and alternative medicine providers. The discussion focuses on structure and biochemistry, pharmacology, clinical applications (oral use for osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease, parenteral use for osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease, combination parenteral/oral use for osteoarthritis/degenerative disc disease, chondropathia patella, atherosclerosis), dosage and toxicity and side effects and potential interactions. The author concludes that the use of glucosamine sulfate in osteoarthritis is well established. It has notable positive effects in terms of reduction of pain, improvement of mobility , improvement of range of motion and promotion of cartilage regeneration, all of which make it a leading choice in the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis.

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