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Catheter Occlusion: Causes and Solutions

Author(s):  McKinnon Barbara, Lima Hetty A

Issue:  Sep/Oct 1998 - Parenteral Nutrition Solutions
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Abstract:  With the increasing use of long-term venous access devices for chronic administration of medications and nutrients, catheter occlusion is a frequently encountered problem. In this article, the authors discuss mechanical occlusion, thrombotic occlusion, precipitates (calcium-phosphate precipitation and drug precipitates) and lipid residue. They conclude that today it is possible to preserve venous access for the vast majority of patients with an occluded catheter. Benefits of catheter salvage include avoidance of the cost, pain and inconvenience of catheter replacement; preservation of limited venous access sites and rapid restoration of venous access for needed therapies.

Related Keywords: Abbokinase, Durapore, Filter, Millipore, Precipitates, Septum, Teflon, Thrombosis, Thrombotic, Urokinase


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