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Pharmaceutical Profile of Vitamin C Tablets and Capsules

Author(s):  Al-Achi Antoine, Greenwood Robert, Nzazi Guy

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2000 - Compounding for Immune System Disorders
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Abstract:  This study examines the pharmaceutical profile of 3 brands of immediate-release vitamin C tablets (500 mg) available commercially in North Carolina and 3 batches of vitamin C capsules (500 mg) extemporaneously prepared in our laboratory. Several pharmaceutical tests were performed on 3 bottles from 3 different brands of immediaterelease vitamin C tablets that were purchased from local stores. The brands were compared with respect to thickness, weight variation, hardness, dissolution, disintegration time, and content uniformity tests. The results showed differences among the brands in thickness, weight variation, hardness, and disintegration time. Bottles from 2 of the brands showed a significant difference in some of their test profiles. Weight variation, dissolution, and content uniformity were determined for the prepared capsules. The average weight of the capsules from the 3 batches was similar and was slightly below 700 mg. The content of ascorbic acid in the capsules ranged from 95.4% to 113.5% of the labeled amount, with an overall average of 107.5% for the 3 batches. Dissolution tests on the capsules revealed that the release of vitamin C was complete within a 1-hour period, which is similar to that seen with the commercial tablets. These results make it advisable for pharmacists, when counseling patients, to have this variability among commercial brands of vitamin C in mind.

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