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Accuracy of Graduated Cylinders

Author(s):  Newton David W

Issue:  May/Jun 2003 - Diabetes and Wound Care
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Abstract:  This article evaluates the accuracy and precision results of measuring deionized water with 10-mL to 125-mL graduated cylinders commonly used in pharmaceutical compounding. It also compares the accuracy of diluting 15.00% w/v sodium chloride to 0.5% w/v using 10-mL and 125-mL graduated cylinders versus a 0.001-mL to 1.000-mL pipetter and 10-mL volumetric flasks. The author concludes that the measurement results reported here support the following general conclusions: (1) the larger the volume measured in any cylinder, the greater are the accuracy and precision of the measurement; (2) no less than 2 mL should be measured in 10-mL cylindrical graduates; and (3) adjustable microliter pipetters and volumetric flasks are more accurate and precise, faster and less wasteful for making dilutions than are graduated cylinders.

Related Keywords: Cylinders, graduated, accuracy of, Graduated cylinders, accuracy of


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