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NDC Numbers: A New Approach

Author(s):  Heckman H Edward

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2003 - After the Women's Health Initiative Trial
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Abstract:  The author discusses the dilemma of compounding pharmacists involving the use (or lack of use) of National Drug Code numbers in terms of challenges for payment. He suggests a two-pronged strategy to meet this challenge, saying that both strategies must be employed together to successfully eliminate unfair business practices associated with National Drug Code numbers. The first prong of the strategy involves changing the billing methodology of compounds from a drug to a service. The second involves fielding a solid front to stop the current payment practices by third parties and steering them to the new payment paradigm. He concludes that changes in coding claims and a solid pharmacy community united to gain fair treatment will be necessary, and ends with a call to action to pharmacists to unite on this issue.

Related Keywords: NDC (National Drug Code), National Drug Code

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