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Stability and Subjective Taste Acceptability of Four Glycopyrrolate Solutions for Oral Administration

Author(s):  Landry Christine, Forest Jean-Marc, Hildgen Patrice

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2005 - Pain Management
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Abstract:  The oral tablet form of glycopyrrolate has been discontinued in Canada because of declining use. Alternatives include injectable glycopyrrolate, which is still on the market, and an oral solution compounded from the injectable form. The stabilities of different oral solutions of glycopyrrolate formulated from the injectable form were studied by using a high-performance liquid chromatographic technique. The 0.2 mg/mL injectable solution of glycopyrrolate was diluted 1:1 with water, simple syrup, a Hospital for Sick Children vehicle, or Ora-Plus/Ora-Sweet vehicle. After 35 days of storage, more than 90% of the original concentration of glycopyrrolate was still present in all solutions, regardless of whether the solution was kept at room temperature or refrigerated. A simple taste test indicated that Ora-Plus/Ora-Sweet solution and simple syrup were the better choices as vehicles for the glycopyrrolate oral dosage form.


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