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Rheologic Profile, Specific Gravity, Surface Tension, and pH of Fifteen Over-the-Counter Preparations

Author(s):  Al-Achi Antoine, Baghat Tushar, Chukwubeze Onah, Dembla Ishwin

Issue:  May/Jun 2007 - Pain Management
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Abstract:  Knowledge of the physical characteristics of commercially available over-the-counter preparations can aid the compounding pharmacist in preparing medications. In this study, 15 over-the-counter products were studied with regard to their specific gravity, surface tension, pH, and rheologic profile. The specific gravities of all the products were greater than 1, with the exceptions of Nivea Lotion and rubbing alcohol, which were less than 1. The majority of the products had an acidic pH. With the exception of two products, Citrucel and Chloraseptic, all products demonstrated a surface tension value less than that of water (72.8 dynes/cm). Chloraseptic had the lowest Newtonian viscosity (1.27 cPs), whereas Vicks DayQuil had the highest (98.86 cPs). Citrucel exhibited dilatant-type flow; Suave Shampoo, herbal shampoo, Tangerine Tickle Herbal Shampoo, and Metamucil pseudoplastic flow; the remaining non-Newtonian formulations, plastic flow profiles.

Related Keywords: Antoine Al-Achi, PhD, Tushar Baghat, BS, Onah Chukwubeze, BS, Ishwin Dembla, BS, rheology, specific gravity, surface tension, viscosity, pH, over-the-counter preparations, OTC products, calamine lotion, Chloraseptic, Citrucel, Herbal shampoo, Keopectate, Metamucil, Nivea lotion, oral saline laxative, Pepto-Bismol, Plax, Suave conditioner, Suave natural shampoo, rubbing alcohol, Tangerine Tickle Herbal shampoo, Vicks Dayquil

Related Categories: PEER-REVIEWED, SUPPORT

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