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The Basics of Compounding: Compounding Medication Sticks

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2000 - Compounding for Pain Management
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Abstract:  Medication sticks provide pharmacists, patients and physicians with a convenient, relatively stable, easy-to-prepare dosage form for topical delivery of drugs. In this article, the author discusses historical development, types of bases (melting and moisten bases), preparation methods and techniques, physicochemical uniqueness of common ingredients (oils, waxes, water-soluble bases), quality control, storage and labeling, stability and counseling. He also provides the following example formulas: soft clear sticks (Clear-Stick Base, Analgesic Medication Stick), hard sticks (Styptic Pencil, Styptic Pencil [Crayon Type]), soft-opaque sticks (Simple Lip-Balm Base; General-Purpose, Water-Repellant Base; Simple, Absorption Lip-Balm Base) and soft-opaque sticks, active ingredients (CPM Lip Balm; Acyclovir Lip Balm, Plain).

Related Keywords: antibiotics, antivirals, chapsticks, cosmetics, deodorant sticks, dermatology, druggists, lip balm, lipstick, local anesthetics, melting bases, moisten bases, oils, pharmacists, sticks, styptic pencil, sunscreens, water-soluble bases, waxes

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