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Quality-Control Analytical Methods: In-House Quality Control of Simple Compounds

Author(s):  Trusley Craig

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2007 - High-Technology Compounding
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Abstract:  Throughout all areas of pharmaceutical compounding, the use of analytical methods for verification of concentration is becoming commonplace to ensure that patients are receiving the correct quantity of medication. Attention to the underlying issues of patient safety and liability involved with the compounding of preparations should be paramount to compounding pharmacists. Regular analytical testing of compounds increases the probability that medications dispensed to patients are safe and effective. This article discusses one of the newest spectrophotometer designs on the market that allows this type of testing to be completed on a routine basis within most compounding practice settings using minimal sample size and operator time.

Related Keywords: Craig Trusley, PharmD, MS, in-house testing, quality control, drug concentration, analytical methods, desktop spectrophotometer


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