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Drug Compatibility with a New Generation of VISIV Polyolefin Infusion Solution Containers

Author(s):  Aloumanis Vasileios, Ben Michel, Kupiec Thomas C, Trissel Lawrence A

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2009 - Sterile Compounding
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Abstract:  A new generation of VISIV polyolefin intravenous solution containers, made of a new and different proprietary polymer, were evaluated for sorption and leaching potential with a cadre of drugs known to exhibit those phenomena with polyvinylchloride containers. Sorption potential was evaluated for amiodarone hydrochloride, carmustine, regular human insulin, lorazepam, nitroglycerin, sufentanil citrate, and thiopental sodium. Leaching potential was evaluated for tacrolimus and teniposide as well as the vehicles of docetaxel and paclitaxel. Representative concentrations of the drugs in infusion solutions or undiluted were placed into the new generation of VISIV containers and left in contact for up to 24 hours at room temperature. High performance liquid chromatography was used to determine drug concentrations and the presence of plasticizer or other plastic components, if any. Only regular human insulin exhibited any substantial loss of concentration in the polyolefin containers that could be attributed to sorpt


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