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Profile of a Practice

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2001 - Compounding for Pediatric Patients
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Abstract:  This profile features interviews with Paul T. Levesque, RPh, and Joseph Lorello, RPh, two of the three principals of Portland Professional Pharmacy in Portland, ME. The pharmacists answer questions pertaining to why they chose their site, how they have promoted their business, types of patients and practices they serve, what is unique about their business and how they counter opposition to compounding from physicians and patients. A sidebar features a brief interview with Paul G. Levesque, RPh, Paul’s father, who has been compounding for 50 years.

Related Keywords: Clinical Compounder, Compounding Specialist, Joseph Lorello, Maine, Paul T. Levesque, Portland, Portland Professional Pharmacy

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