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A Review of Stomatitis and Treatment in Cats

Author(s):  Ray Jody D, Jordan Dinah G, Eubanks Diana L, Crosswhite Megan E

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2009 - Veterinary Compounding
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Abstract:  A three-year-old spayed female Domestic Shorthair was diagnosed with chronic plasmacytic stomatitis involving the mandibular gingiva caudal to the canine teeth. The cat presented with excessive drooling and bleeding from the gums. The definitive diagnosis was made on oral tissue samples obtained by biopsy and submitted for histopathology. The management included bilateral extraction of the mandibular and maxillary premolars and molars with closure of the defects utilizing a single mucosal flap in each quadrant. Preoperative laboratory evaluation and negative feline leukemia virus and/or feline immunodeficiency virus testing were performed. Following surgical removal of the teeth, the inflammation improved for eight months before returning. The cat now maintains comfort with parenteral injections of corticosteroid approximately every three to five months. Compounding pharmacists play a vital role in the treatment of felines due to their small size, concerns with toxicity and sensitivity to certain medications,

Related Keywords: Jody D. Ray, DVM, Dinah G. Jordan, BSPh, RPh, PharmD, DIVCP, Diana L. Eubanks, DVM, MS, DAVBP, FAVD, Megan E. Crosswhite, BSPS, PharmD, stomatitis, gingivitis, feline chronic gingivostomatitis, recurrent oral ulceration, mouth ulcers, plasma cell stomatitis pharyngitis, chronic faucitis, plasmacytic stomatitis pharyngitis, pain control, pain relief, analgesia, analgesic, antibiotics, antimicrobials, anti-inflammatory drugs, immunosuppression, immunosupressants, inflammation, postsurgical pain, steroids, glucocorticoids, bacterial infection, viral infection, antiviral agents, immunopotentiators, bovine lactoferrin, immune disorders, immunomodulators


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