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Quality Control: From Record Keeping to Key Performance Indicators: Managing Quality in Compounding Pharmacies

Author(s):  Karime Braga Glaucia, Vieira Fonseca Maria Jose

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2010 - Compounding for Men
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Abstract:  Record keeping is fundamental in any quality-management system. Compounding pharmacies use a quality-management system that is based on the Good Compounding Practices, which emphasizes the necessity and therefore the importance of maintaining records. However, the activity of recording without conducting further data analysis does not assure continuous improvement of the preparations, services, and of the system itself. The purpose of this article is to suggest some nonfinancial key performance indicators that can be easily implemented by compounding pharmacies to assist in the development of an organizational procedure for measuring the quality of products and services. This is a new paradigm for managing quality in compounding pharmacies.

Related Keywords: Shelly J. Stockton, BS Pharm, PhD, RPh, testosterone replacement therapy

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