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Compatibility and Stability of Cefotaxine, Vancomycin, and Ciprofloxacin in Antibiotic Lock Solutions Containing Heparin

Author(s):  Baker Daniel S, Waldrop Bruce, Arnold John

Issue:  Jul/Aug 2010 - Sterile Compounding
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Abstract:  The purpose of this study was to assess the compatibility and stability of drugs commonly found in antibiotic lock solutions (cefotaxime 10 mg/mL plus heparin 5000 IU/mL, vancomycin 25 mcg/mL plus heparin 10 IU/mL, and vancomycin 25 mcg/mL plus ciprofloxacin 2 mg/mL plus heparin 10 IU/ mL). Antibiotic lock solutions under investigation were generated in triplicate from pooled starting samples and maintained at 4°C, 27°C, and 40°C. The antibiotic lock solutions were assessed at various time intervals for chemical stability (specified as retaining greater than 90% of initial drug via high-performance liquid chromatographic analysis) and physical stability (specified as solution free of visible precipitates). Antibiotic lock solutions containing cefotaxime plus heparin remained chemically and physically stable at 4°C throughout the study period. However, samples maintained at higher temperatures had no physical instability but underwent significant chemical degradation as early as 24 hours after the beginning of

Related Keywords: Daniel S. Baker, PharmD, Bruce Waldrop, PhD, John Arnold, PhD, cefotaxime, vancomycin, ciprofloxacin, antibiotic lock solutions, stability, compatibility, heparin


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