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Community Pharmacy Addresses the Need for Proper Drug Disposal with Positive Response

Author(s):  Briggs Valerie

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2010 - Supporting Quality Pharmaceutical Compounding World Wide
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Abstract:  In response to growing concerns regarding the improper disposal of prescription and over-the-counter drugs and its impact on the environment and teen drug abuse, the National Community Pharmacists Association developed a Prescription Disposal Program to assist its members in voluntarily developing consumer disposal options in their stores. The program includes a discount on products from partner organization Sharps Compliance Inc., free marketing materials, and national promotion via a new consumer website. To date, the program has nearly 1,000 community pharmacies in 47 states participating. A collection of 8,000 pounds of drugs has resulted, with more campaigns slated for the future. Included with this article are testimonials from compounding pharmacists who have initiated National Community Pharmacists Association’s drug disposal program.

Related Keywords: Valerie Briggs, MBA, environmental safety, drug disposal, National Community Pharmacists Association, consumer education


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