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New Perspectives on Vancomycin Use in Home Care, Part 2: Delivery Systems

Author(s):  Kastango Eric S, Hadaway Lynn

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2002 - Compounding for Pain Management and Dental Medicine
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Abstract:  The key to administering vancomycin is to ensure that the rate of administration is controlled and that too-rapid infusion can be prevented. In this article, unique delivery systems that ensure patient safety and compliance with infusions administered at sites other than the hospital are reviewed. Elastomeric devices, new delivery options, patient management and adverse drug reactions are covered. A dosing table for the administration of vancomycin is provided. The authors conclude that vancomycin can be safely administered in the home setting when it has been properly prepared by the pharmacy and properly administered by the patient. Matching the patient’s treatment plan with vascular access and medication delivery system ensures that each patient receives the best possible care.

Related Keywords: Vancomycin, adverse reactions to, Vancomycin, monitoring of, Vancomycin, use in home care, delivery systems for


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