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Author(s):  Prince Shelly J

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2002 - Compounding for Pain Management and Dental Medicine
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Abstract:  The reader is shown how to perform calculations for three problems. The first involves a formula for a transdermal analgesic gel. The reader is shown how to calculate the specific gravity of the gel, the dose required to deliver 100 mg of one of the ingredients, the quantity of two other ingredients that would be delivered by that dose and the conversion of a melting point from Centigrade to Fahrenheit. The second involves a formula for gag tablets. The reader is shown how to calculate the quantity of electrolytes contained in each lozenge, the miliequivalents of sodium contained in each lozenge and the percentage of the recommended dietary allowance of calcium supplied by each lozenge. The third problem shows how to calculate strength in grains from a specified number of micrograms per tablet.

Related Keywords: Analgesic gel, determining dose of, Gag tablets, formula for, Levothyroxine sodium tablets, determining strength in grains

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