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Surviving Cancer - How the Compounding Pharmacist Can Help

Author(s):  Maddox Suzan

Issue:  Jul/Aug 2000 - Compounding for Hospice and Cancer Patients
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Abstract:  The author recounts her personal experience of being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment and provides the following advice to compounding pharmacists in dealing with cancer patients: encourage patients to talk, choose language carefully, recommend treatment by an oncologist using the most effective treatment, assure the patient that you can help, never underestimate the importance of hair, care of the mouth is important, emphasize nutrition, recommend relaxation, encourage everyone to keep up his/her personal appearance, promote support groups, recommend counseling with a therapist and minimize nausea. She concludes by listing products that would be helpful to cancer patients, which could be included in a cancer-care center in the pharmacy.

Related Keywords: cancer, cancer survivor, cancer-center, counseling, dry mouth, dryness, hair, lozenges, mouth care, mouth ulcers, mucositis, nausea, nutrition, oncologist, oncology, relaxation, saliva, saliva flow, support groups, xerostomia


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