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Natural-Product Therapies for Treating Diabetic Neuropathy

Author(s):  Anderson Constance

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2000 - Compounding for Diabetes Patients
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Abstract:  Control of blood sugar, along with nutritional supplementation, plays an essential role in the prevention and treatment of diabetic neuropathy. By compounding supplements into an easy-to-follow regimen, pharmacists can play an active role in facilitating management of blood-glucose control and in attempting to forestall diabetic neuropathy. The author discusses vitamin E, chromium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, vanadium, inositol and gamma-linoleic acid. She also provides a patient nutritional supplement quick reference guide, two formulations (Superior Diabetes Vitamin and Mineral Formulation Capsules, and Inositol 750-mg Capsules) and a patient handout on diabetes management guidelines.

Related Keywords: diabetic neuropathy, tingling sensation, burning sensation, nerve conduction, vitamin E, insulin sensitivity, chromium picolinate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, Zinc sulfate, vanadyl sulfate, Inositol, GLA, wound healing, insulin , glucose tolerance, nerve function


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