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Author(s):  Davis Jeanie Lerche

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2000 - Compounding for Diabetes Patients
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Abstract:  This profile features Stephen Newton, RPh, and PharmaTech Services, in Avon, CO, eight miles west of Vail. Since skin care is a big issue in this skiing area, Newton has developed a “Skiernoz Gel” to combat nasal dryness and is also patenting an emollient-based cream to teat dry skin. He opened his compounding-only practice in 1997. Most of his time in the early days was spent educating patients and their doctors about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which today represents 90% of the 20 to 42 compounds he prepares daily. He now has 12 physicians in the area writing prescriptions for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. He encourages patients to become well informed and takes fliers to beauty salons, in addition to holding one to two seminars a month. He established a good rapport with one new obstetrician/gynecologist who bought a local practice, and the two established an informal referral agreement that has served both well. He sometimes takes lunch in to the doctor’s office staff. He also provides osteoporosis and nutrition counseling. The Skiernoz Gel Formula is included with the article.

Related Keywords: Jeanie Davis, Skiernoz Gel, nasal dryness, hormone replacement therapy, natural hormones, Newton's, menopause, Vail, skiing

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